Valley of the Windskrae

In a place long hidden and unseen exists a secluded valley of wonderous birds. Birds of all forms and all colours, soaring above mountain peaks or along sunset beaches. Birds flitting from flower to flower or racing the wind over crystal lakes. Birds just like the ones you've always known, though not at all like anything you've seen before. Birds which sing at dusk, songs of crystal pitch and golden hues. Songs of times long past and of journeys to come. Birds born of midnight's shadow and dawns's sweet light. Magical birds. Birds of myth and fantasy.

They are the Windskrae and this is their valley.

The Windskrae are a race of avians unlike those you may be familiar with. And it is not just in form or colour that they differ. They are intelligent and capable of telepathic speech with those whom they bond.

And how is it that they have gone so long without ever being seen? They have long avoided humans for fear of being misunderstood and hunted as creatures of a darker magic. But there are humans who know them, friends of these magical birds of legends. And together, man and avian, work to keep the magic of the worlds alive and strong. So that children's hearts may be filled with dreams and that imaginations are set free to run with the unicorns.

Do you believe in magic? Do you carry it in your heart and soul? Can you watch a snowstorm and imagine each snowflake a crystal fairy? Do you see unicorns slip unheard through the woods? Have you ever watched a dragon fly before the sun then vanish behind a cloud? If so, a Windskrae has been watching you and has invited you here to adopt one of their hatchlings. Come now, and see if you wish to join the few others who share a single spirit.

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Created: September 1999
Resurrected: April 2005

NOTE: This background was created by me using a Roger Tory Peterson graphic and a tiled background I found on the web. If you wish to use this set, please ask my permission first.