Adoption Agencies

Please, if there's something you like on the following pages, either try and adopt one or email me for a trade. I might also be willing to create creatures for you so you can open your own agency if you feel you can't draw well enough yourself. Please don't steal other people's artwork/poetry/stories/ideas/etc. Keep the artist's interest in mind and ask permission before you take or use anything (including creature ideas) on the following pages, or from any other website for that matter.

Just imagine trading places with the creators and see how you would feel to have your hard work displayed as being done by another. It's always best to ask first, if you're not sure about something.

If you're new to the adoption scene, you should visit this link. It has lots of useful information both on adopting and creating your own agency.

SunBlind's Haunted Castle
Search through the Realm Keeper's castle and find creatures and other surprises. Beware the man-eating monsters.............
New additions - October 2000.

Perhaps the magics will reawaken this Halloween....

Uniquely drawn Elemental Dragons

Valley of the Windskrae
Uniquely drawn fantastical birds.

Click and Takes
Here you can take whatever you like, just remember to post a link back.
New additions - December 2002

Links to Other Agencies
You can find just about anything here
Last Updated : May 2002


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