Wind Hunters

The Wind Hunters were given out as gifts when this agency first opened.

  • They are sharp of eye and quick of wing
  • They have a strong desire to guard and protect those they are close to
  • They are brave and strong
  • They are the helpers of the Realm Keepers
  • They have the power to see through walls or to see at great distances

Wind Shadows

The Wind Shadows were originally availabe in SunBlind's Haunted Castle.

  • They are not evil, regardless of their appearance
  • They often act cold and distant
  • They are hard to bond with, but once earned, their loyalty cannot be shaken
  • They will do anything within their power to protect those whom they trust
  • They have the power to create shadows at will or pitch a room into complete darkness

Wind Hummers

First discovered in November and December 1999

  • They are the smallest of the Windskrae
  • They are very cheerful and happy
  • They can be a little flighty and absentminded
  • They enjoy playing games, and being so small, they are very good at hide-and-seek!
  • They have the power to help plants grow, especially flowers

Wind Messengers

First discovered in January and February 2000

  • They are the messengers of the Windskrae, greatly desired by Realm Keepers
  • They are very wise and reliable
  • They tend to be very quiet, but are quite capable of making their voice heard
  • Sometimes it seems like they can see all and hear all
  • Some have the power to create a snowfall at will, thus aiding them to travel unseen, if not unknown, carrying their messages

Wind Dancers

First discovered in June 2000

  • They are the graceful dancers
  • They are elegant and beautiful
  • Nice to have around during Realm Keeper's dinner parties
  • A pair of Wind Dancers is a magical sight indeed
  • They have the power to make wonderous music out of thin air

Wind Hiders

First discovered August 2000

  • Extended breeding of mated pair Midnight Shadows and Winter Spirit
  • They are small like their father
  • They are dark like their mother
  • They are cheerful but become very serious and cold when the need arises
  • They have the power to disappear into any shadowed place, along with their bonder if necessary

Wind Drifters

First discovered December 2000

  • Extended breeding of mated pair Gem and Orralacastia
  • They are small like their mother
  • They are wise like their father
  • Can be sent ahead to scout a route for travelling
  • They have the power to leave a trail of unmelting snow which will remain until they chose to remove it, which can then be followed by their bonder

Wind Chills

First discovered May 2005

  • They can withstand great cold for long periods of time
  • They are excellent swimmers, able to hold their breath for hours at a time
  • They can be comical creatures and enjoy laughter
  • They have the ability to freeze living things. They can be thawed out afterwards and revived, or the ice shattered and the creature destroyed

Wind Trappers

First discovered November 2005

  • Extended breeding of mated pair Gorlais and Shizu
  • Both aquatic and aerial, gifts from their parents
  • Can be unfriendly, like their father.
  • Can be playful, like their mother.
  • They have the power to trap the unawary in a pool of freezing darkness.

Wind Singers

First discovered February 2008

  • They have the voice of an angel
  • They are very gentle, loving and affectionate
  • They enjoy children, and singing lullabies for them
  • They have the power to use their voice to influence the emotional state of others.

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NOTE: This background was created by me using a Roger Tory Peterson graphic and a tiled background I found on the web. If you wish to use this set, please ask my permission first.