When you believe....

A light mist envelops the peaceful island. You listen to the calming sounds of waves crashing upon the rocky shore and feel that this must indeed be a magical place. After a few moments of breathing in the fresh sea air, you follow a crystal clear stream into the quiet woods. As you come out into a clearing you see a vague form in the mist already there. Slowly the shape comes towards you till you can see a white horse with a single spiraling horn upon its head. It starts to walk away and, feeling as if this must be some sort of dream, you follow the ghostly figure. It leads you out onto a beach on the other side of the island. The wind sprays fine droplets of water into your face as you walk along the sand. The moonlight casts an eerie glow upon the water but you feel no fear. The magnificent creature rears, the point of its horn seeming like a star, and then nickers softly to something you cannot see. Soon the sound of galloping hooves fills the air. Within seconds you are surrounded by the most graceful of all creatures, unicorns.

One steps forward...

This unicorn was a gift from Alicorn

"Welcome to the Island of the Unicorns. Where would you like us to take you?"


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Created: June 1997
Last updated: May 2007
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