Poetry about unicorns can be found in all corners of the world from China and India to Europe and, more recently, in North America. Enjoy these stories from the past.

The Lion and the Unicorn - Nursery Rhyme
Poem from 16th c. Germany - Author Unknown
Song of Alexander - Pfaffen Lamprecht, 12th c. (exerpt)
Parzifal - Wolfram von Eschenbach (exerpt)
Untitled - Confucius, 6th c.
The Faerie Qeene - Edmund Spencer (exerpt)
Buddhist Hymn - Author Unknown (exerpt)
German Folk Song - Author Unknown
From an ancient missal at Neuhausen, Germany - Author Unknown
A Christmas Carol - Heinrich of Laufenburg
Folksong - collected by Ludwig Uhland
Mountain Song - Author Unknown
Sonnets to Orpheus - Rainer Maria Rilke
Einhorn - Hilda Domin
New Year Letter - W. H. Auden
The Unicorn - George Darley
The Unicorn - Gertrud Kolmar
The Carline Thistle Coppice - Oscar Loerke
Unicorn Hunt - Eckart Klessmann

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