[Herald] The Unicorn Herd[Herald]


Justice is the sentry who watches over the rest of the herd. He is also considered by most as the leader of the unicorns of this Island, if there were such a thing amongst these magical animals.


He joined the herd from Dracona Eclectica.[May 1998]

Next you come a cross a unicorn family from Lady Hipoo[May 1998]. "I'm a baby!" says the little filly. "Yes, and a cute one at that," you respond smilling. "Greetings, I am Demeter," and you look to the stallion. "This is my mate Korana and my filly, Milli."


Two unicorns seem to be deep in conversation so you turn to leave them alone. "Wait!" one of them cries out. You turn back. "I've never seen a human before. Oh, I'm being rude, my name is Giselle..." "And I'm Dumblemoss," her brother interrupts.


They followed a forest trail from The Unicorn Friendship Center [June 1998]

For a while you just wander about aimlessly. Were those all the unicorns of the Island?

Suddenly the wind becomes very strong. Then you notice that you are not alone.


"My name is Feliwen. Are you lost?" the unicorn mare asks. You thank Feliwen and ask her where you might find others. The Island was beautiful, but not as much as the creatures that inhabit it. She suggests you enter the wooded area. As you walk beneath a tree, you could have sworn its leaves whispered that Feliwen hatched from a Mystical Egg. [March 1999]

You began to doubt Feliwen's suggestion as it seemed like there were no more unicorns in the woods than there had been in the open areas. But soon enough you come forth from the trees and your gaze settled upon a beautiful waterfall.

[Anosha] [Analden]

It was a mare and her newborn foal. The little one pranced about proudly, eager to impress the newcomers. The mother watched carefully, a bit wary of you. The colt trotted up and announced, "I'm Analden! My mommy is called Anosha." He flicked his little tail around constantly in time with his hooves. Then a third unicorn burst from beneath the waterfall, water spraying everywhere. The stallion came to protect his son.

"That's daddy! His name is Gwian." The stallion stood on guard, just warning you not to make a single move or he'd make use of that very sharp horn upon his head. Then the mare came over and whispered into his ear. This seemed to make him relax his stance. But the whole time that you played games with Analden, Gwian kept a *very* close eye on you. Analden, unaware of all this kept on telling his story, explaining that they came from The Silver Unicorn[March 2000] but then they found this glade and waterfall and decided to live here. That was before he was born. Over time, they were found by others from their homeland, and they joined the Charity of Kevana Topenasta.

They leave you alone by the water and you sit down on the warm earth to listen to the water making music as it splattered against the stones at the base of the falls. Soon a rustling sound started and you turned to see a most beautiful unicorn stallion stepped forth.


He did not take any notice of you. He said not a word, even his hooves made not a sound upon the ground which he walked. He stopped to drink of the clear waters. You watched and were filled with the feeling of magic, of unicorn magic. The other unicorns had been friendly and beautiful, and you'd almost started taking them for granted. But here you felt what you had always imagined you'd feel if you were to meet a unicorn. Then the feeling, and the unicorn, were gone. You reached out your arms as if you could try and hold onto it, but it didn't work. Mendaron had vanished. [June 2000]

Suddenly the sun didn't seem to shine as bright, and the air was not so fresh. But even that feeling passed and things seemed to be back to normal. Another rustle amongst the trees and you looked up excitedly, hoping Mendaron had returned. But it wasn't him, it was a small handsome bay instead.


The unicorn came over to you. "Hello, I am Astario." He looks at you a moment. "I see Mendaron has passed this way. A solitary creature he is, but his magic is unmatched. He came originally from the Creation, but that is not an easy place to find. You must search hard and long before you will be able to find it. I myself was a gift to the Realm Keeper here, from Alicorn. Only recently have I found my way to this part of the island. But I'm afraid I must leave now. Much travelling still to be done."

Beneath an oak tree you happened upon two unicorns, both brightly coloured, and both very small and cute. It was all you could do not to pick them up and cuddle them.

[Hope] [Peace]

One stood up when she saw you, the other seemed to shrink back a bit. "Hello, I'm Hope and that is Peace." Peace managed a weak smile. "We were created by Unyko but we came to live in this Realm through the Orchard Messagepost Santa Swap." [December 2000] Seeing your confusion the mare adds, "Just go visit if you're interested. It's all about Christmas. You do know what Christmas is, don't you?" You nod, pointing out that you had at least heard of it, though not all humans celebrate it. Hope looks a little sad. "Well, Christmas stands for some good things, like peace and hope and even love," she shakes her head. "But there's no unicorn called Love here, not that I know of anyway!" Peace laughs at that. You laugh with them.

After a chat with the friendly unicorns, you come across a unicorn in an unexpected form. He was the tiniest thing you had ever seen and his name was SunSpot.


SunSpot found his way here from Dwelling Within[July 1998]

SunSpot runs up to you and asks, "Do you wish to see more of the herd? Do you, do you?" The minuscule unicorn was obviously so eager to show you, how could you refuse? "I'll take you there," he says and indicates that you should mount. Not really sure how to point out that your big toe would be to heavy for him to carry, you breath a sigh of relief when the stallion of the unicorn family offers to take you. You mount on his back with the help of a large stone (Demeter is a rather tall stallion) and he takes you through the portal.

Just before you feel the portal close, you call out to Demeter and tell him that you've changed your mind. You dismount, patting him gently on his neck, thanking him anyway. You decide that you'd rather walk around a little bit first. You choose to walk along the beach.

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