As you can see, the unicorn continues to fascinate the poet in us all.

Unicorn - Keri Stevenson
The Unicorn - Lady Brooklyn
Unicorn Creation - Nsley
Death of a Unicorn - Constance Banquer
Angel Wings and Unicorns - Constance Banquer
Golden Pure and Silver Hoof - Constance Banquer
The Unicorn - Constance Banquer
The Unicorn of Ghorn - Jennifer Yuan
Limerick - Jennifer Yuan
The Unicorn - SkyFire
The night the stars weren't bright - Brook Powlowski
Explanation - Rio Starbright
Unicorn Haiku - Jennifer
Untitled - Dana Young
Lady of the Misty Lake - Hailey Turner
Unicorns are real - Jaz
I'll Come, Someday - Harrald
I Saw, Thrice - Harrald

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