Mooncrest Weyr

Mooncrest Weyr was an adoption agency based on Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern. Here dragons hatched and were Impressed by their riders for life, creating a telepathic link between the pair which would not break till death. The Weyrleader was called G'ratt and rode a bronze named Ferith. Celina was Weyrwoman on the golden Padrieth. But perhaps the most important members of the Weyr were J'layle and his blue dragon Moonvith. This pair had an uncanny ability to find potential Candidates for the Hatchings.

The Dark Sand Beaches at the foot of the old volcano which housed the Weyr was often a breeding grounds for those annoying litte critters, the firelizards. G'ratt's gold Siona and J'layle's bronze Leto often had clutches which they hid in the sands for weyrlings to find.

Due to the amount of time required to maintain the agency as well as the backlash against the copyright violations these agencies were said to commit, I chose to shut down the Weyr. It does bring back fond memories however, so I continue to maintain the list of riders, at least till such time that they and their dragons pass Between.

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Last Updated - January 2003

Icons and background by Dee Dreslough