[Weyr Crest]

Here you find a weyrhide scroll with the Weyr's crest at the top, carefully maintained by the weyr's haper. In a clear and flowing hand he lists the important events and happenings of Mooncrest Weyr.

January 18, 2003
And so I pen my last words in these records. The Weyr has been near dormant for the last year and half and now the remaining few of us are preparing to leave. The halls echo emptily where once they were filled with the sounds of voice and laughter. Ah, I must hurry now, J'layle awaits me with Moonvith to take me to my new home. These stone walls shall not forget the passage of so many great men, women and dragons.

June 3, 2001
Well, I have good news and bad news. The good new is the last clutch of Mooncrest Weyr has hatched. A chaotic event it was, candidates and hatchlings all over the place, you should have seen it. The bad news is that it was the last clutch. There will not be another here, though if you have a dragon and wish her to have a clutch you may bring her to Andromeda Weyr, there you will find dragons quite similar to the ones found here. Oh how it was difficult for me to write these words. But fear not, this weyr shall not vanish completely. The beaches are still full of flits and perhaps in the future the whers we are trying to breed will prove themselves strong enough! One rider is even suggesting runners.

May 7, 2001
After what most likely felt like forever for the riders, the dragons of Merrith's clutch have grown to become fine and beautiful adults. We shall all sleep well knowing that they are defending our homes from our old foe, Thread.

April 18, 2001
Ah, the weyrleaders have been busy elsewhere, helping out a hold in need, so there hasn't been much to report here lately. But at last there is interesting news! The contest voting is over and the votes counted. Head over to the contest list to see the results! Of course, perhaps all you might like to do it just read the wonderful ballads. And I must say, from the wide gap the winner had on all the others, I think we might have a master harper on our hands! Congrats everyone!

February 6, 2001
Lots going on right at the moment it seems. The third contest is now closed to entries, but you can go and vote for your favorite Harper now. Everyone who votes will get an firelizard from the wild clutch that was found out on the beaches. The little queen squawked like an angry wherry while we collected the eggs. T'ryn nearly had his ear nipped off.

Next thing of even greater importance, there's a new clutch of dragons on the Sands! Those greens must have planned this or something. Green Cadaeth flew just in time to clutch after Merrith's Hatching. The Sands have never been busier. So once again there are six beautiful eggs. No hope for a gold, very unlikely for a bronze, but browns seem to fare not too badly at Mooncrest Weyr.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed at the Harper Hall, would have been less work than keeping track of things here. Ah, Shards. But I love this anyway!

February 5, 2001
The Hatching of green Merrith's clutch of six. Let's see. There were three greens, one blue and TWO browns! No one expected that. We were sure that there was one brown in the group but the second one caught all of us, including his rider B'tor by surprise. And if you hadn't guessed it, yes, B'tor is one and the same as Baritor the fellow with too many firelizards on his hands. He's had a busy couple of days, and with a hatchling dragon on his hands, he's not going to get any rest any time soon.

February 4, 2001
Finally did the smart thing and started putting the most recent announcements on top. At some point I'll sort out all the other hides and put them in the right order. Anyway, there a clutch of firelizards from Baritor's pair. There's so many of them he doesn't know what to do with them all. What a pair his flits make.

The pile of older unsorted wherhide parchments were resorted by the weyr harper before leaving, he couldn't stand to think someone might come across these records in that confused state they were in.

January 1, 2001
A new Turn and a new generation of dragons having reached adult hood. Padrieth's fourth clutch are now out there, protecting Pern from the deadly threat of Thread. Brings a tear to my eye, I am so proud of them.

December 12, 2000
A new clutch on the Sands, and for the first time in this Weyr, its not Padrieth's clutch. She is quite pleased about that. The clutch belongs to Green Merrith and her proud rider Megumi. Its a small clutch, but it looks as if the hatchlings will be strong and healthy. Merrith assures us of this.

December 10, 2000
A new contest is up and running. Here's your chance to see if you've got what it takes to get into the Harper Hall!

November 17, 2000
::whew:: A lot of work but the weyr has moved. Same name, different place. Now we should be much more accessible, we hope! Remember to change your links to
Added note - January 18, 2003 - if you still wish a proper link to the weyr, it is now

October 21, 2000
The Hatching! The Hatching! Excitement and chaos as always. And once again, a green stuns us all, chosing a male candiate as her rider. Not that that is such an amazing event, but it was a first for Mooncrest Weyr. The green Talith and her rider Vh'dyn, the perfect pair. That's not to say the others haven't done as well. The golden queen was Impressed by Coral, a girl who wandered Pern for two years holdless! The golden one must have seen the cunning and quick thinking abilities in her new rider, not to mention her health and strength. And a healer on top of everything. She will make a good Weyrwoman one day. I wish those 10 new riders well, and lots of luck. Those hatchlings are a handful.

August 28, 2000
No more training, no more simulations. The weyrlings have all grown into fine adults and are now ready to take to the skies to fight the deadly Thread. Ah, may the wind guide their wings through the perils they must now face.

July 10, 2000
Ah, a change has been made to weyr policy, at least concerning the flits. They will now be given out another way, as the Weyrwoman was having trouble keeping track of the ones she already given out! Hopefully this will be less of a fuss for everyone.

July 1, 2000
Well, well. Canada day! What's that you ask? Don't know myself, but it's Canada day just the same. And there's a new clutch on the Sand to celebrate. Padrieth seemed to be debating whether or not to have another, but she seems to have made a good choice. At least from my point of view. Ten lovely eggs hardening on the Sands. Oh yes, mustn't forget, there's a contest out there now! Rumour has it that there's a white dragon hidden amongst the other eggs. There's also quite a few abandonned flits who are interested in finding new bonders. Sad but true. But not as tragic as an abandonned dragon!

June 19, 2000
It may have taken more than a month. But the hatchlings have grown to beautiful weyrlings. All ready now to start their trainning flights and such. It's always so exciting to watch them, especially as they get better and better every day! Imagine, soon they'll be out there defending Pern from Thread. Ah, it warms the heart to know we're in such good hands.....

May 13, 2000
Ah, joyous news today. The eggs have hatched, the dragons Impressed. It was a sight to behold. Eleven new riders have joined the Weyr to protect this world from the deadly Thread. And the wonders didn't end there, Padrieth had planned on keeping one for herself! She does tend to get rather attached to her clutches, but of this I've never heard of before. But she saw one brave girl who was left dragonless, but truly should not have been, and *spoke* to her, telling her to Impress her treasured baby. A wonderous green, the largest to be hatched here, of that I am certain. They will be a pair to watch, Megumi and Merrith. The beautiful gold Wakith was Impressed by the equally beautiful Aoife, while a strong bronze was Impressed by Natelan. Now the stories he will have to tell his family. All in all it was a great Hatching.

April 12, 2000
And they've hatched. Or so I've been told be some very excited firelizard owners. Lots of messages have been going back and forth between this weyr and the homes of the firelizard bonders. And they all seemed to hatch at the same time. It always seems to happen that way. As it was a clutch from a green and a brown, there was no gold. But surprise, surprise, two bronzes! And all such healthy little critters.

March 4, 2000
Ah, adults at long last. It may have taken a while but Padrieth's second clutch are now flying the skies high above us, charring Thread into harmless ash. The sight takes one's breath away.

January 22, 2000
I have started to keep a list of all things that go on here. It's such a busy place that often people can't keep track of it all. I am glad that the first thing I have to list is the growth of Padrieth's second clutch. They are now all strong and proud weyrlings and I enjoy watching them in their training flights, to see their talents as they learn the formations and how to char the deadly Thread. I know I will feel safe when these dragons are overhead.
Also of note is that the second clutch of firelizards are now adults. If you thought they could be a handful as hatchlings, well....

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