The sounds of the fair faded as you entered the fortune teller's tent. When you let the heavy cloth fall back over the entrance, you are momentarily faced with an impenetrable darkness. Then your eyes adjusted and you could make out the star-and-moon pattern on the thickly draped walls. A large eye looms before you and for a brief moment you want to turn and leave. There was something strange about this place.

Then a bundle of rags at the small table in the center of the tent shifted and coughed. Startled, you look at the wizened old woman sitting there, looking at you with eyes too bright to be normal. Again the urge to leave grips you, but the force of her gaze roots you where you stand. She holds out her hand, and words form in the air above it.

"You must begin where you are?" Nice trick, but what on earth was that supposed to mean?

She coughed again, a dry shudder through her frail body. With a voice little more than a hoarse whisper she said, "You believe." You were about to contradict her, pointing out that you'd only come in here as a joke, on a dare from a friend, but you don't get the chance...


You blink as the ocean scented wind blows into your face. You are standing on a thin stip of beach, the ocean crashing upon rocks along the shore, and out in the distance, you could make out a fog shrouded island. Behind you was a cliff that reached up and disappeared into the clouds above.

As you wondered how you got here, a small black form separated itself from the cliff and circled slowly towards the beach. As it approached you could make out wings, but this was no bird!

Gryphon from The Silver Unicorn

The gryphon eyed you warily and then sighed. "So that crazy old lady sent us another one, eh?" When you didn't reply he turned to one side an lowered a wing, "Oh just get on already and tell me where you want to go."


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