You decide that you want to meet with the other gryphons. This may be just a dream, but even if it was, you were determined to make the most of it.

Your legs grip the side of your mount as he pumps his massive wings and takes to the air. The ground rushes away from you, and you rethink the wisdom of your choice. Oh why don't gryphons come with seatbelts?!!

In a few moments the gryphon tilts to one side and lands on a narrow ledge about half way up the side of the cliff. You look down at the writhing sea beneath you, then close your eyes, gripping tightly to the male's purple feathers. He grunts, "Just don't pull them out," and makes a clacking sound of annoyance with his beak.

Suddenly he banks sharply to one side and with some skilled movements of his wings lands on a ledge where another gryphon was already present. This one backed up a bit to make more room, but didn't seem pleased to share his perch.

Your mount nods towards the other male. "Greetings Goran, here is another traveller to this Realm."

Goran sighs, "So we cannot eat it?"

You guide, and apparently protector, shakes his head, "No, SunBlind would not be pleased."

"Ah, pity." And with that Goran took to the skies in a flurry of wings. Just as your mount prepared to launch himself back into the air, you notice a golden plaque attached to the side of the cliff: