The ones as big as sheep were easier to avoid, because you could see them coming, but when they flew in at the window and curled up under your eiderdown, and you did not find them till you went to bed, it was always a shock. The ones this size did not eat people, only lettuces, but they always scorched the sheets and pillowcases dreadfully.

----The Book of Dragons, by E. Nesbit

"Hold on a second. Why the need for complex biochemistry? I thought dragons were magical."

"They are."

"Then don't they fly by magic, or breathe fire by magic?" She shook her head.

"Magic is a resource. Waste it and its gone. Why do you think I use it so rarely? Sure, dragons live by magical means- so do I. But nature isn't wasteful, whether its labeled 'natural' or 'supernatural.' The magical power required to lift something as big as a dragon during the course of its lifetime would be tremendous. A dragon uses up magic just by existing, same as me. So rather than waste magic by using it up lifting a heavy mass, nature found an easier way."

"I still don't get it. I always thought of magic as unnatural."

"If its unnatural it can't happen within nature. Magic is just a different set of physics laws than the ones you're used to. But it still has to be consistent with itself, otherwise it won't work. There's no such thing as chaos."

----Pete and Ariel conversing, "Ariel"

"Dragons, no longer invunerable ride the arms of mortals & sing."
---Doris Vallejo

"Among all the kinds of serpents, there is none comparable to the Dragon."
---Edward Topsell, 1658

Advice: If you happen upon the skull of a dragon, leave that place quickly. For whatever killed it, may still be around.
---Thieves Proverb

"Come not between the dragon and his wrath."
---Shakespeare, "King Lear"

"....a legendary reptilian monster similar in form to a crocodile and usually represented as having wings, huge claws, and a fiery breath."
---Funk & Wagnalls

"Her scales shone a dazzling midnight blue and her eyes glittered like newly found silver, a sight to captivate any man. The very earth seemed to be alive with her presense, the wind whispered her name and the foliage did her bidding. If only we knew how much more real the dragon seemed when she was upon us..."
---Woes of the Enemy

"... Calm as an angel in the dragon's den"
---The Revolt of Islam

The enlightened man enjoys perfect freedom in active life. He is like a dragon supported by deep waters or like a tiger that commands its mountain retreat. The man who is not enlightened drifts about in the affairs of the world. He is like a ram that gets its horns caught in a fence or like a man who waits for a hare to run against a tree stump and stun itself.
---Hekiganroku by Setcho

"...With eager dragon-eyes;"
---Robert Graves

Do not trifle with dragons, for you are small and crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
--author unknown

"I imagined a dragon inside myself," Quaid explains. "We all have one, in one form or another. To me, this dragon is both the wild nature of ourselves and our conscience in his embodiment of the Old Code ethical behavior and morality. At the same time, he's our unconscious, the place from which our dreams arise. I just spoke my lines to the dragon within me."
--Dennis Quaid on "Dragonheart"

Never laugh at live dragons.
--"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien

"Long ago, when man was young and the dragon already old, the wisest of our race took pity on man, so he gathered together all the dragons, making them vow to watch over man always. And at the moment of his death, the night became alive with those stars. And thus was born the Dragons' Heaven. But when we die, not all dragons are admitted to this shining place. No, we have to earn it! And if we don't, our spirit disappears as if we never were."
--Draco, the last of the dragons

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