You enter a small shop, nearly hidden by the larger stores on either side. The bells tinkle as the door closes behind you. A little man with steel rimmed glass squints up at you from behind a very cluttered counter. "Come here," the man says. "I think I have what you've been looking for." He reaches down under the table and pulls out a red crystal ball. Momentarily you wonder how he could know what you were looking for when you yourself did not, but something about the ball attracted your attention. Something seemed to be moving inside it. You peer closer to see what it is....

You stand in awe of the majestic mountains towering high above your head. Some of their snow-capped peaks sparkle in the bright sunlight while others disappear into the midst of passing clouds. For a brief moment a dark speck can be seen in the sky, but just as suddenly, you lose sight of it. Shortly after, you feel a powerful gush of wind blow you from behind. You turn around, and there stands a dragon in all its splendor.


Dimerian Dragon

The dragon quietly folds his wings and ignores you for several minutes. Finally, as if deciding that you are worthy of his notice, his deep voice rumbles "This is Dragon Mountain. You must have been a strong and courageous traveller to have come here on your own; therefore you are welcome to explore our mountain range. I will make arrangements for your safe passage." Just before the dragon launches himself into the air and to head towards the tallest summit, he turns again and says "May the wind run smooth and strong through your wings", a dimarian dragon blessing.


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Created: December 1997
Last updated: August 2003

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