[Herald] The Winged Ones [Herald]


The wind carried a bitter chill as SunBlind climbed the hill. This was not the first time she had been mysteriously invited to another Realm Keeper's world, she just wished that she had remembered to bring her cloak. Finally at the top of the hill, she found a herd of grazing pegasi, along with the other invited Realm Keepers. She looked about for the one who had asked her here and wasn't long before Lexington appeared.

She greeted each of the Realm Keepers in turn, then explained why she had brought them here.

"The pegasi you see before you are soon going to lay their eggs. I was hoping you could find a place in your realm where they could stay and grow."

Immediately SunBlind thought of the hills at the edge of the Plains of the Mystical Horses. Many pegasi lived in the clouds above those hills, but some enjoyed running through the green grass of the hills almost as much as they enjoyed soaring through the air. Yes, that would be the perfect place for a young pegasus, and the herd there was gentle and friendly.

Bringing her attention back to Lexington, SunBlind heard her finish with something about getting the place ready, and then wait for further instructions. Sounded rather cryptic. As SunBlind took her dragon form to return home, she mused at how it felt like she was in a Mission Impossible episode. She laughed at the thought, then blushed (well, if dragons could blush) as the other Realm Keepers gave her strange looks. Then she soared off to bring the good news to the pegasus herd.


They were all very eager to greet the newcomer when she arrived. She bore an unusual mark upon her shoulder, a ruby coloured droplet. She bowed gracefully before the excited members of Pegasus Heights. SunBlind came forward to introduce the newcomer.

"Children of the sun-filled skies, greet Ruby Rain Drop, one of the first Tyunia Pegasi to leave her homeland. She is of the rank of Queen. This means she is most gentle and has a great many things to teach us all. Her great desire would be to teach the young ones the ways of the world and show them the beauty in the things and creatures around them."

[Ruby Rain Drop]

Already some of the younger ones had started to gather around her. She nuzzled each one as she asked them their names. Soon she was teaching them a dance of love and joy. Within no time at all, the entire herd frolicked to the unheard music, whether or not their hooves ever touched the ground.


Years passed and things were peaceful in the Heights. Very little disturbed the Winged Ones, SunBlind and the herd protectors made sure of this.

But Lexington wasn't about to leave SunBlind alone. Oh no, she'd found another one that needed a new home. With a lot of arm twisting and begging and pleading, SunBlind finally agreed. Alright, so all the begging was being done by SunBlind, but don't tell her I told you that. Oh you thought *I* was SunBlind? Who am I then? You don't want to know ^.^

Anyways, Lex let her have an Orania pegasus mare named Jupiter's Dream. All named after celestial bodies, Dream was no exception. The beautiful mare turned out not to be quite as friendly as Ruby Rain Drop, but still pleasant to be around. Sometimes however, she thought Ruby Rain Drop was too soft on the foals, that they should be made to behave a little better. At least they shouldn't be constantly pulling on the tails of their elders, but she gave in and decided that Ruby Rain Drop knew best.

[Jupiter's Dream]

And Jupiter's Dream danced as much as the others when the song and music began.

Tyunia Pegasi
Starshift Pegasi - September 2002


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