The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You sit down near the springs and wait. You had a feeling that you wouldn't be alone for long. Time seemed to pass in a way different from anywhere else. But then this was a magical land so that was to be expected, right? After a while, you got the feeling someone was staring at you...

The mare glanced at you with one eye, then the other, kind of like a squirrel or a bird might look at something interesting. Then she spread all four of her wings and flew away like some sort of magical butterfly. You wondered what she thought of you.

"A human! How veyry inteyresting..."

This came by a stallion by your feet, and interesting was what came to mind as you looked at him. He had spines and a mane, but most fascinating were the little cogwheel markings about his body. And he was wearing glasses? And carried a cane? A top hat? And was that the smallest pocket watch you had ever seen? A steampunk Samanayr? Now you've seen everything!

He settles down on a nearby stone, presumably to get a little elevation to see you better. "We don't get many humans oveyr heyre. They like to go to Unicoyrn Island to yrelax on the beach. But I foyrget my manneyrs, I am Tick of the Fyrenzied Clockwoyrk and I'm honouyred to make youyr acquaintance."

You introduce yourself in return and just as you were about to ask him more about his obvious interest in all things mechanical that move, there was a tiny movement. You had to stare hard, but eventually you made out another Samanayr foal.

She was staring at a tiny orb that followed her around wherever she went. And then it dawned on you, you'd seen orbs like that before. Journey of the North Star had two. This had to be his filly. Just then the orb whizzed past your eyes, distracting you for just a moment, and when you looked at the foal, you saw she was now a young filly! Magic was such an amazing thing. Tick was still there. You expected him to be suprised by the change, but rather, he seemed more amused by your reaction. Perhaps you got used to stuff like this if you live here.

Name: Meditation of the Drifting Moon
ID: 345
Gender: Mare
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: None
Song: Song of the Flying Dreams
Traits: Double Wings (Feathered)
December 2011

Name: Tick of the Frenzied Clockwork
ID: 686
Gender: Stallion
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Birth Song: Wild
Song: Song of the Curious Chrononauts
Traits: Body Spines, Leonine Mane
December 2011

Name: Eclipse of the Midnight Orb
ID: 795
Gender: Mare
Species: Samanayr
Sire: Journey of the North Star
Dam: Ease of the Third Hoof
Birth Song: Song of the Third Star
Song: Song of the Sapphire Skies
Traits: Extensive Foot Tufts, Unicorn Horn, Multiple Tails, Triple Hooves, Vestigial Wings (Faery)
December 2011

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings