The Magical Herd

The Desert


You sat by the water for a while wondering what to do next. You were reluctant to go wandering off into the desert beneath that scorching sun without being guaranteed a source a water nearby. You also couldn't stay where you were forever.

You began to think back on drigetti you'd encountered so far, like Galen or Til'mali.

You blink your eyes a few times, thinking it was a trick of the sun or some kind of mirage. But it moved, and it came closer. As the figured shimmered less and took on a more solid form you realized it was a drigus, but different from others you'd encountered before. She had a much more serpentine body than all the others, though it made sense as the drigetti were part dragon.


Her eyes were gentle and kind as she approached the pool from the other side. She then dipped her head down to drink a few sips of water, it was all she required. Raising her head she once more looked at you.

Moments pass without either of you speaking. Deciding that she must be waiting for you to go first, as you were the one out of place and required explaining, you do just that. She smiled.

"My name is Adira. If you like, I could guide you to the next oasis, where I am sure you can find another to guide you to the next, and so on. Eventually you will be able to make your way to lands more habitable by your species."

You thank her for her kindness as you take on last big drink before following her towards the hazy horizon.

Name: Adira
ID: d298
Gender: Female
Mane: Red/Purple
Parents: Wild
Mate: None
Offspring: None
March 2005