Tell Me a Story

2008 Annie

Sing sweetly, softly
Of dragons breathing fire
Sing beautifully
Play upon your golden lyre

Tell me of fairy queens
Of shining, armor-clad knights
Tell me of villages lush and green
Of kings rich in power and might

Weave a spell for my listening ears
Give me shining, glorious tales
Of heroes who know no fear
Of broken curses over enchanted vales

Tell me a story, pixie maiden,
Tell me of your mystical home
A story with magic laden
Spin a lovely poem

Born of Ashes

2008 Annie

Born of ashes, I do arise
My being centers on my demise
Born of ashes, once again
An everlasting, unbreakable chain

Red and gold, glorious flames
Beauty too stunning for names
Resplendent in my shining mane
Until, once again, in ashes I'm lain

Rebirth, ah, wonderful thing
Immortal I am, joy I bring
My tears, so miraculously healing
Cure all from their wretched feelings

Born of ashes, with magic I bless
Alive again from my recurring death
In times of worry and times of strife
You'll find I appear to ease your life

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