Corrie Zai Laruntry


2008 Corrie Zai Laruntry

The Blackest Night
The Brightest Moon
Clouds no where in sight.

He hovered there on the edge of the stones, shrines to the dead.
Stepping into the bright silver his form changed.
Black fur to match the night
White teeth to match the light

The man's true form
The Moon's True Slave

The Blood Curse

2008 Corrie Zai Laruntry

The Darkness of the alleyway surrounds me, my safehaven.
Blood is dripping down my arms as a girl lies limp in my cold hands.
Blood runs lazily from two shallow cuts on her exposed neck.
The same blood that stains my lips.
I lay her gently on the stone ground,and walk away.
Others will find her soon enough.
For now my thirst has been tamed.
But the Hunt will begin again......
I am cursed to walk this world for enternity, a curse bound in blood..

Last updated: September 2008


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