Shanice Thibedeau

Watching Over The Mystical Creatures

Shanice Thibedeau

There are Unicorns and Fairies
And Dragons and Trolls
Of this I am sure, for I've always been told
Of these magical creatures of so long ago

Where Wizards and Witches conjured them up
If only to display their powers and such
But though it was whims and wishes they spun
It still opened the door to the mystical fun

Can we be sure that this world's not un-done
Or maybe dimensions is what they've opened
For conjured up Dragons and Unicorns alike
Just might have put our Creatures in sight
That maybe they've been right here all along
We just could not see them till the Wizards un-spun

With their potions and herbs and wands and such
They brought us these creatures that we love so much
Though sometimes we shudder at trolls in our midst
The Unicorns and Dragons are worth all the fuss

Where did they go you might very well ask?
And I couldn't tell you without a risk
Of conjuring up a magical brew
And tell you I know just how to pursue

For my mother was one of the witches of old
And I am a witch so I have been told
I watch over the Unicorns and take care of the Dragons
Till one day they're free and no harm can befall them

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