Briana F.


2008 Briana F.

the waves rolled in
lowtide soft smooth
Little waves smashing the rocks
but not too hard
a singing sound hits my ears
but does not phase me
but my boy friend becomes hypnotized
and cannot even hear me
a woman appears on a lone smooth rock
singing this strange, beautiful tune
i'm instantly jealous yet fascinated
by the wonerful song and strange girl
i hear a splash and see a glimmer
a tail has splashed into the water
and comes out foamy with shine
pure black but with a splatter of colors
she continues singing her tune
my boyfriend is no longer by my side
he's out on the rock
i've lost him forever
she gave him a kiss
a merman he became
he was hers not mine
the mermaid stole my man
now i despise such creatures
that i thought so silly of before
now i know there real and now i really hate them

Last updated: September 2008


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