The Storyteller


Silver and gold
Stories now untold
Knights of times ancient
Villains of old
Wizards and mages
Dragons and knights
Lost to the ages
In the neverending night.
But though they are forgotten
In oblivion black as night,
Some with gifts begotten
Can bring them back to light.
And the storyteller weaves
His words skillfully in and out
And though most do not believe
There are those who never doubt.
He tells of halcyon days of yore,
Of magic and of myst'ry.
He tells of battles and great wars
That are forgotten hist'ry.
He sees beyond the bounds of time
And even bounds of worlds,
To reveal the truth behind
The tales told to boys and girls.
Reality is but illusion,
Stories are the only fact,
And though considered now but legend,
True belief can bring them back.
The heroes live again in his words
Magic exists within his realm
But the creatures cannot return
Until all believe in magic elms,
And unicorns, and centaurs too,
And dragons, gryphons, and the rocs
And wizards who cast spells with runes
but all must drop their mental blocks
That somehow hold back what is true
And is the rightful way of things
But believeing is something some cannot do,
And so the only magic is within the song he sings.

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