October 2016: I "discovered" online magazines and thought I should add a section for that. Other than posting reviews for the publications I read, I won't add too many details (like listing all the stories in each of the issues), you can always go to the websites to get the details.

I've also gotten around to adding the mermaid section I had planned back in March.

March 2016: Took me a while to clean up all those pages and get rid of the printing status that I didn't have time to maintain. But that gave me the opportunity to count all the reviews I have. There are 189 standalone books, and 101 book series. Although more are coming, I've got a few sitting on my desk that still need reviews!

Hopefully this summer I'll have time to finish off the new zombie section, and then add some for mermaids and steampunk! I've also started getting interested in flintlock/gunpower fantasy.

October 2015: Well, I haven't been idle the past 3 years but seems like I didn't have anything major to report during that time. However I've finally done something interesting.

I've changed the look of the site a little bit, so that I could add some new sections! At the moment its only Zombies, but I have a few more in mind.

I'm also removing book availability listings. Unfortunately I don't have the time to keep track of what is still in print and what isn't as it changes all the time. You'll find it out soon enough for yourself if you head on over to Amazon so that was a lot of effort for little value for my visitors. After all, no point in having wrong information.

September, 2012: Well, it's been another year. I've added a lot of reviews over the past year, but this time my focus was on updating the listings. I've added hundreds...no, must be thousands of books throughout all the sections of the Library.

I've also removed the discussion board, it was never used and Proboards even changed the link without telling me! The Archivist does not like dead links littering his Realm...

September, 2011: Once again another fairly big update, this time more to the reviews than to the listings. That's because I was going through my old children's books and found all those lovely fairytales, and stories of talking animals. So over the summer, I've been adding dozens of new book reviews and adding new books to the lists. And I'm not even done yet! Of course, if you have any reviews you would like to display on my site, I would love to have another opinion, just drop me an email.

May, 2010: I guess this is turning into a yearly update. Once again I've gone through all the series and ensured that all the newest books have been added. I've also done some searches for various topics and added even more books. And I've even added two new sections to the library, Anthropomorphic and Gods & Demons. They will be probably a little lacking in content for a little while but over time they should grow.

Several hundred more books must have been added in total, a large number of them in the two new sections, as well as in the Spirits, Vampires and Science Fiction sections, though almost all sections got more books. And yes, reviews are still being added all the time.

May, 2009: As usual, I've mainly been adding reviews as I receive/write them. But at the end of May, I went through and updated all my series listings to ensure any new books that have come out since have been added. Also to correct any errors there might have been. At some later point I'll have to do the stand-alone books too.

January 1, 2008: Not as big an update as in July 2006, but a few things have been done to improve the Library.

  • I realized that book summaries, particularly for series, have spoilers in them, sometimes major ones. I've had a few surprises ruined by reading the summary of book 3 when I've only read book 1. So I decided that the summary should be hidden, and created an icon like this that you can click to get at the summary. Then it's up to you to decide which summaries you want to see, without having them all visible for you to read by mistake. Note that if you have a script blocker it probably won't work for you, so you might have to temporarily disable the filter.

  • I added a new section called Other Fantasy. I had a few books I wanted to add because they were really good, but didn't fall into any of the other sections. This is kind of my catch-all and probably won't grow all that big. If I get a lot of a certain type of book then I'll break it out into its own section.

  • I've also done some searches for some of the series, to see if I could find official websites to link to, either for the author or the series itself.

  • But most exciting of all, I created a Forum for discussions. Go and sign up to talk about your favorite, or least favorite, books! You'll also be able to send in suggestions, read news of book availability and anything else I can think to add.

  • And of course, I never stop adding more reviews and listings throughout the Library.

January 21, 2007: Though entries on this page have been far and few between, the Archivist has still been working, putting up new reviews as he writes them, and listing books as he finds them. This day was noteworthy as it marks the start of a new category - Manga. Though the Archivist's knowledge of manga is minimal at best, he has started taking an interest in this new form and thought it should be included here. So far only the Vampire library has any manga entries but expect this category to grow.

July 30, 2006: The Archivist has put a lot of work into the Library over the past 5-6 months. Many books, movies, and video games were added to the already existing sections of the library, while several new sections were added. Many more book reviews were added, along with scans of the book covers to help you decide if you want to read them or not. A search engine was added, to help you find what you are looking for. And finally, the site itself was redesigned. A navigational menu was added to the right of most pages, and very large pages were broken up in to more smaller ones. Even this update page is brand new. There were many other things that the Archivist wanted to include, but time prevented him from doing so. At least you know that there are some interesting changes still in store for the Library some time in the future. And of course, these changes can be more easily done if you were to send in your own reviews (a new form has been added for this), books that are missing, any errors or typos, and of course, suggestions of ways to make the Library even better.

Some of the things the Archivist wanted to add was a section of author biographies and bibliographies, more library sections, the inclusion of anime/manga, and a section for book news. Maybe next year. In the meantime, the current libraries will continue to be maintained. Hmm, maybe a suggestion box should be included in next year's revisions too!


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