The dragon raised his ancient head and gazed upon the one who interrupted his study. His horns were cracked with age and his scales no longer gleemed like they did in his youth. But his eyes were wise and knowing and would not be easily deceived. For he was the Archivist, the one given the responsibility of remembering all that had passed, and to record all that was to come. He was the keeper of the legends, the guardian of the myths, protector of all magical things within these walls.

And this was his domain.


No eating, no drinking, no smoking....hmm, I guess normal rules don't apply here. Actually, there is but one. No stealing of content or images. I've been building this library from the ground up since 1997, so copying the lists and sticking them on your page while claiming its yours would just be mean. Trust me, you'll feel much more rewarded if you put effort into creating something which didn't already exist before. Also, the background graphics I made myself. Not being fully familiar with how to do this, it probably took me close to an entire work week to do. That's a lot of hours and a fair amount of money if I was getting paid for it (which I'm sad to say, I'm not). But just because I'm offering you entry to the library for for free, doesn't mean the graphics are free for your use. If you want to save a copy of a book cover, just click on it and it will take you to an image you can save. If you are really desperate for backgrounds like mine, I might be willing to make you a set if you ask nice enough.....

Basic Organization

The library is organized by the main fantasy creatures contained within the texts. Because of this, some texts will appear in more than one section. I've had to make a judgement call as to whether to include a book into a section. For example, if a unicorn appears only briefly in a book, you probably won't find it in the unicorn section. But there is no fixed cutoff as to how important a creature must be to the story before it falls under a category. Series are particularly problematic. For example, Robert Asprin's Myth series sometimes has vampire characters, but only in a few books. Though a couple books are very vampiric in nature, most don't mention vampires at all. I have yet to figure out how to indicate this to readers, so it may or may not show up in the vampire section of the library.

Each section is then broken down into more sections as follows:

  • Book Series
  • Books not in Series
  • Movies, Television and other Multimedia
  • Foreign Languages You may wonder why there are no back buttons. It is because there are many paths which can lead to the same page so I have no way of knowing how you got there. Just use the back button on your browser window, or make use of the navigation menu on the left of most pages.

    As I've worked on these pages I realized that the Library had always been one of the unique points of my site, thus the reason why I'm putting so much effort into it now. I will be adding more library sections and possibly branching out into other types of books, such as Science Fiction or Historical novels, so expect several very incomplete sections to start appearing at some point.


    In some cases you will be able to click on a glowing square icon beside the book like this one . You will be taken to a page where you will find:
    • Title, series info, author
    • Cover artist, illustrator
    • Cover images
    • Publishing information
    • Reviews
    • Printing status (to the best of my ability)
    • Warnings for language/sex/violence
    • Any related webapges

    Some of the publishing information can get complicated as texts can be published several times by different publishers. Also several publishers have several subdivisions. I will try to keep it as organized as possible. I also list what other fantasy elements you may find within the book as major/minor characters. This way the new search engine should help in tracking down books that have say demons in them, even though I don't have a demon section.

    If you see an icon that looks like this you can click on it to see more information appear on the page. If you have a javascript blocker this may not work, you may need to temporarily disable your filter for the text to show.

    One tricky navigation quirk that I haven't been able to figure out a better way of doing, is the access to the book series lists. In cases where the section is small, the series are listed on the main page, but where there are many books, you have to click on the image that says "Series" to find them. Some of the bigger series, such as Xanth or Pern, have also been given their own title and pages.

    You can send in reviews of your own as well, and I'll be glad to post them.


    The library means a lot to me, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Questions are also welcomed and may find themselves appearing here in this unofficial FAQ. And of course, if you find an error in a listing, or even a typo, feel free to report it, the Archivist will be most grateful.

  • Last updated: January 2008


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    Do not use without permission.