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This isn't just any story this is the story of my life.

I was born on July, 7,1997 some say I'm lucky because of my birthday some say I'm weird, because I love dragons and fantasy stuff, but I say I'm unique. I'm a fanatic when it comes to dragons. Oh! And books! Speaking of books let me tell you about how all this weird stuff started to happen…

Chapter 1 The Book

As I was taking my daily trip to the local library and was looking for dragon books something hit me in the head. Hard! As I turned I caught a glimpse of something fly away. I looked down and there was a heavy book on the ground with a piece of parchment on it that said; look in to me for the answers

"I wonder what that means." I thought. I went over to the check out area and was even more surprised when the lady said "I have never set my eyes on that book and I've been working here for forty years. Keep it." How strange. And that is how I got stuck with the book. As us

Chapter 2 Falthom

I took my bike to the forest side of the park for a picnic. I found a good spot and sat under a tree. I took the book out of my pack and started reading.

"Hello, Salamandra. I am your guardian."

I dropped the book. How did it know my name? I picked it up and continued reading.

"I know you must be surprised, but you'll be even more surprised when I tell you – I am a dragon." Wow! A dragon!?!

"I have been waiting for you for quite a while. Later on you will endure strange happenings only this book and the orb will help you. You should keep a journal and record everything droagonological. Do not leave this book or your journal in the wrong hands.



A journal? An Orb? Then, when I turned the page, a journal fell out. I could tell Falthom must have written in it – it had had his info in it too. It said this:

Dragon: European, Poetic
Name: Falthom
Sex: Male
Description: 200 years old, guardian of Salamandra. D. Draco. Writes in English and writes poetry. 13 ft high – can shrink. Changes color of scales.
Lair: Lives in quiet cave by Crystal Lake

Comment: Be careful, some dragons don't speak English and are mean.

When I opened my pack to take out an apple, something started to glow blue. " This must be the orb." "It is." Said a voice. Suddenly a dragon started to curl down the tree that I was sitting under. "Greetings." "Are you Falthom?" "Does this answer your question?" He said then he shrunk down to the size of a cat and changed colors. " Wow." "I'm assuming you read your journal." "Yes I did." "I have come to tell you that that orb holds great power and it should not fall into the wrong hands." " Why give it to me?" "I have been watching you for a while and am positive you are the right one. You must take an oath the oath of a dragonologist." "What's a dragonologist?" He looked at me weird and said, "Were you not just reading the book that I pelted at your head?" "I was just about to when you showed up." "Anyway, about the orb it holds great power Salamandra. All you have to do is to whisper the creature you want it to hatch into and get a dragon of kindness to breath on it." "Are you a Dragon of Kindness?" "Yes I am." "Well then I'm ready to tell it my animal." "Well then whisper it to the orb." I whispered it and then on the orb of green ivory appeared in golden letters of gold it said EUROPEAN DRAGON then the brilliant gold faded. "Woah." I said. "I knew I was right to trust in you." He had tears in his eyes. I offered him a tissue. "Thank you. Well there is only one thing left, when you need me blow on this." and he plucked one of his scales from his back and departured. "Wait I said when do I take the oath of a dragonologist?" "In due time. Read the message and do as it says." Then he vanished.I looked down at the note which then said Look into me for the answers……

Chapter 3 The Cottage

After that amazing experience I rushed home and scribbled a note to my parents telling them that I'm going to my cottage for a couple of weeks. I know what you all are thinking how can an eleven-year-old girl own a cottage and her parents are okay with that. Well, first of this is fiction and second of all my cottage is just down the road and if parents let me go perusing around town on my bike then they're okay with this. My parents are of a forgiving style. I think its time to get back to the real story don't you think? Last year I built a cottage close to home to get away for a while. It is filled with all my dragon paintings, sculptures and theories. I have my own garden that I planted and weeded it now is ready to harvest. I also have money saved and a small refrigerator if I go to the store. I went up to my real room in the house and got some supplies and returned to the cottage. It was getting dark so I decided to light candles to save electricity and for heat put a fire in the fireplace. I sat down on my desk and opened the book…

Chapter 1 A Dragons Age

When a dragon is only one day old it will already have a full row of teeth. When it is only a couple of months older it will show the signs of trying to fly. Age one year is when it should be able to fly and given the right materials will breath a little flame at age 2. You should give a dragon treasure at an early age so it will trust you and will learn hoarding early.

I got out my dragonological journal and wrote this down and decided I should just lie down. So I did and eventually fell asleep with the orb safely under my pillow.

The next morning I'm pacing in the garden. I had the orb in one hand and one of my many sketchbooks in my other hand. I sat down in the grass and put the orb in my lap. I took out a pencil and some measuring tape. I measured the orb and wrote it down. I'm going to make a box for the orb. I will make a false bottom for the real orb and put a fake wooden sphere that looks like the orb on top. I've seen a lot of movies and in the middle of the movie a bad guy always comes along. As I was looking at my list I said; "Wow I better get going." I went inside I got my knapsack which I had put in the orb, my money, two canvas bags and the scale Falthom gave me just incase. I locked the door put the key in my pocket and got on my bike and pedaled to Caitlin's Art Store. Caitlin is the woman that owns the store, lets see today is Tuesday so she would have the store closed in the morning. She always gets fresh supplies in today and she always lets me in to get first choice.

Chapter 4 In The Dragon Quarters

I finally arrived at Caitlin's. She was very happy to see me. I asked her about all the things on my list and she said "I just got all those things in today, I even ordered some false bottom boxes they're in aisle 5 under the wooden spheres." What a cawinkiedink. So after I got my things and was checking out I absentmindedly looked out side when a burst of lightning interrupted my thoughts, it was pouring. Then after I recovered my senses I saw a man standing out there staring at me. My backpack suddenly started to shake I looked inside and saw that the scale Falthom had given me was glowing. Since I was wearing black pants maybe that would cover it up. So I shoved it in there when I looked up I saw the man approach the store. This can't be good.

I asked Caitlin if she had a back door and she said "Yeah it's right over there but why…" I didn't hear the rest that she said because I was already running to the door. But the guy suddenly turned into a cheetah and ran faster, I heard Caitlin scream. By instinct I remembered what Falthom said If you need me blow on the scale. The cheetah stopped me in my tracks and suddenly turned into a fierce night black dragon! "GIVE ME THE ORB!!" He roared. I whipped the scale right out of my pocket and gave a great big blow…. Suddenly out of the dust appeared the all mighty Falthom!

"This has been enough Whiro! FREEZE!!" Falthom roared and everything stopped right in midair including the dragon!! Fathom turned to me and he said in a kind gentle voice "You seem pretty shaken up we shall return to my abode and have some tea okay?" All I could do was nod my head. I was pretty shaken immediately he grabbed my bags and me and wrapped me in his wings. Hang on he said and we started to turn until we were spinning faster and faster. Then suddenly we came to a stop in a dimmily lit cave. My eyes soon adjusted.

"Where are we?" I asked. "We are at my home. Here sit down while get some tea." So I sat down on a tree stump that was by a fireplace. Falthom soon came back with some tea in little china cups. " Who was that man or cheetah or dragon thing and will Caitlin be okay?" "She will be fine. The Spell always wears off after five minutes and that dragon was Whiro he will be taken back to his own lair when the spell wears off. They both will only remember that you checked out and left. What were you buying any way?"

"I thought there would be guys like him so I was going to make a false bottom box." "What is that?" he asked. "It is a box that at the bottom of the box there is a hidden compartment at the bottom. I was going to put the real orb in there and have a fake orb in the top when you open the box." "That is an excellent idea! Do you need some help?" "Sure! Do you have any brass or gold to make dragon heads with?" "Hmmm…Ah here follow me to the treasure room."

Falthom led me down one of the many corridors to a very big door. When he opened the door I could not believe my eyes. There were mountains of gold, hills of silver and a little stack of brass! "Wow! Oh look there are the brass dragon heads I need!" I ran over and picked them up. I then ran back to Falthom. He asked "Do you need anything else?" " Hmmm… lets see, Oh a big lock and a key to match." "I don't have many locks with keys but maybe one of my servants can help." He then called for someone named Sapphire she looked like she was a librarian with pointed ears; she was also 5 feet tall. Maybe she's an elf. "You called master?" her voice sounded like a robin song full of wisdom. "Yes, help Salamandra look for a lock and key for our box." "Yes sire" she turned to me shook my hand and said hello. "Oh and another thing tell the other servants to stop calling sire, master, and all those other fancy names. It's not like your prisoners you may come and go as you please and I pay you every week." "Yes Falthom."

Sapphire took me to another room that was filled with locks. We soon found one along with its key. We then returned to Falthom who was already painting the fake orb. He looked up and saw us approach. "Ahh good. Salamandra I already have those brass dragon heads on and I'm almost done with the orb." "That's great Falthom! Now all we have to do is put the lock on. Sapphire would you like to help me?" Sapphires face lit up! "I would be honored!" So as we were finishing up the box Sapphire and Falthom told me all about Whiro. They also told me about how to be a dragonologist.

"Now, when you take the oath of a dragonologist you take that oath for life. That means you cannot use any of your teachings and magic against dragons of any sort unless you utterly need to." " Yes like if Whiro tries to attack you, he will be even more powerful than this time. I suggest you get to one of the S.S.H.D immediately for the Elves, Dwarfs, Humans and other dragons to help you but I am concerned for the road is dangerous for its in another realm," She turned to Falthom and looked forlornly at him. Falthom had a look of thought on his face. "Hmmmmm. Well it sure seems dangerous for a young one like yourself…"

It is not finished yet but shall be be soon, you know what they say.. leave them wanting more!!

Whoever steals this story shall be cursed by the book dragons for eternity!

May dragons live in your heart and the dragon of fortune shine upon you!


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