The Dragon King

©1994 Vince Conley

He sits atop the wealth of kings
ruby cups and diamond rings
coins a thousand bags could fill
carpets made of finest silk
gold and silver fill his den
taken from the homes of men
countless treasures his to keep
a fortune hunters dream to reap

With a blast of wind he stretches wings
he’ll go and see what this night brings
it’s out and up and climbing high
‘til he’s just a shadow in the sky
teeth like swords claws like daggers
try and hide but it won’t matter
he’s on the hunt again
nothing’s safe not beast or man

Close your windows set the bar
there’s trouble out tonight
if you’re not home stay where you are
‘cause evil's taken flight
grab your sword and string your bow
but it won’t mean a thing
the bravest men have turned and run
when faced with the Dragon King

Out of the darkness comes a light
a wizards staff burning bright
with flowing robes and long grey hair
he throws a spell into the air
for miles around they heard the scream
and knew it for the Dragon King
colors flash into the sky
and with a roar the dragon dies

His job is done now to the lair
a magic spell will take him there
he passes by the wealth of kings
he’s only come here for one thing
red as blood the Dragonstone
it’s magic now is his alone
now his teachers will believe
and the Master Wizard turns to leave

June 2000


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