Why do you fear me?

2008 Kazi

You fear me
So greatly,
I see not why
You deny me,

A whiskered maw
A fang-studded jaw,
Three copper eyes
Does it really mean your demise?

A flame-filled belly
Though as soft as jelly,
Do I really
Make you cry?

A thrashing tail
It makes you wail,
My gentle warm breath
Makes you cry to death,

I wish you wouldn't fear me,
I can't change who I am,
I can't make you like me,
It makes me feel like rotton jam

What's an unwanted
Dragon to do?
Call the zoo?
They'd never want you.

I wish I didn't make you cry,
I wish I could make you feel better,
But I am who I am,
And can't change what I am.

Oh please oh please
I hate the taste,
Of humans and their crunchy face.
I won't eat you,
Yes I swear,
I swear by my dragon underwear.

September 2008


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