Fly or Die

2008 Mara C.

A gem of solid gold, with a heart as sweet as honey, raises to the skys, wailing the tortures of loneliness and strife. Her hide is illuminated by the blazing sun and blinds all who desire her.

Suddenly, the light receeds and the gold is gone. Her admirer's echo her calls of loneliness, flaring wings and snarling mouths. The gold then lets out a defiant roar and takes off from her hiding place. A wave of bronze and silver bodies rise to meet her.

She surveys her position and her determined lovers, seeing what she was to test. She suddenly plumits, her chasers left dazed. She pulled away from her dive as they followed, spiraling upwards into the hiding sun. She then continued her display, flipping, twisting, turning.

Soon the mob had thinned to two, a silver and bronze. She decided her final test, to decide who would become her lover. Her wings gave a final beat then remained motionless. Mother Earth wanted the gold, to save her, hide her and keep her safe for all eternity. A magical force pulled her downward. She willed that one would save her, or she would plumit to her death.

The silver watched her fall and anger raged through his mind. Mother Earth could not steal his prize away. He dove and fell after his golden queen.

The bronze knew it was time to prove himself. He plummited after his queen of the skys.

The gold watched her followers with love. If she was to die that sunset, she would not be forgotten.

The silver finally reached his queen. Flaring his wings to slow their fall, he gave a low croon. The gold answered with a soft sigh and flared her wings as well.

The bronze knew it was over. He let out an anguished cry and disappeared.

The gold and silver wound themselves around each other as they flew into the the setting sun, it's last rays dancing off their hides as they sealed their bond of love.

September 2008


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