The Knight and the Dragon

2003 Shanice Thibedeau
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A Knight of old in the valley of darkness
Walked through the night with a weary mind
For he was tired and hungry and ever so cold
And had no place to lay down

He stopped to rest by an evergreen tree
And he fell asleep after a while
He shivered and shook but he slept so hard
That the cold didn't wake him at all

He dreamt of a Dragon with wings of gold
And a body so rich and warm
And after a while the Knight woke up
And found he was sleeping in the Dragon arms

The Dragon had wrapped around the Knight
To keep him from the cold
For she had never seen a Knight of old
And didn't feel threatened at all

As the Knight got up he pulled out his sword
And pointed at the Dragon
With fear written all over his face
The Dragon just smiled and backed away
Leaving the Knight to fight another day

As she walked away the Knight realized
She had warmed him and kept him safe
So he put down his sword and asked her to stay
And they're still friends to this very day

October 2003


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