Dragon Of The Old Code

Inspired by the movie Dragon Heart
2003 Shanice Thibedeau
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The dragon Drakeo
At the end of his life
Held his heart open to the knight
He begged the knight to end his life
And save all men from the king's evil strife

And as the knight threw his sword
He had sorrow in his sight
For he knew the dragon gave his life
For the men who helped on that night

A creature pure of heart
This dragon of the old code fights
He gave his word to the dragon clan
To help this creature they called man

And as the sword found its way
Into the dragon's heart it stayed
As the fair maiden weeps
So does the knight of the old code grieve

As the dragons last heart beat
Fades then stops he is complete
For he knows the evil king is dead
And he can rest for it is said

With the death of the evil king
And the dragons last heartbeat
The dragon will join with his kind
And live among the stars in peace

With his face turned to the heavens
The knight is now relieved to see
The dragon smile down on him
For from the gold mist the dragon does ascend
To be with his brothers that passed before him

October 2003


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