The Dragon Affliction

2003 Shanice Thibedeau
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There is no equal to the mystical legends
Their gentle nature has been hidden
All the stories are of fire and bloodshed
But in the legends look between the lines
You'll see the truth of a long lost creature

Though fear is instilled in all of our hearts
We still love them in spite of our selves
The stories of Man is what you hear
And a land filled with famine and war

Of huge flying creatures with fire breathing terror
That swept across our land
Yet what would you think started this rage
If even it happened at all

For ignorance and suspicion
Breed Fear and Panic
And Man is known for this plight

Go back to the time of Wizards and Witches
And pay close attention to detail
For their legends and tales have always prevailed
And they speak of honor and strength

They tell of a creature pure of heart
And of a land so beautiful and green
Look at the Wizards in all their glory
With dragons by their side
Not spreading terror but aiding the Wizard
Protecting him from our so called humanity

July 2003


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