Magic Dance

Arwen the Silvery

To Kalessin

When the first star will rise
On the frozen sky,
When the dark songs will come
To my opened mind
When the wings of my dreams
Take me somewhere high
I will see in the night
Dragon's mystical flight
Under mountains of death
Under the the tombs of the kings
They are flying all night
On their strong fire wings.
In the sky full of stars
They are playing their game
And they ready to die
When the clear dawn came.
But it's only a game
And they don't know death
And they are flying away
To the island of blessed.

To my love, Gorthauer

Arwen the Silvery

Your wings are strong like fire storm
Your eyes are full of magic flame,
And in the sky where I can't fly
The wind is crying your True Name.
You are my star, to light the dark
You are my life but I should die
I saw your flight it was so straight
But I have no wings to fly.

June 2000


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