Mooncrest Weyr


You explode into daylight after a terrible, freezing darkness in which you could not see, hear or even feel the presence of the dragon beneath you. There wasn't even any air, and it was cold. You'd rather not have to do that again.

You look at the weyr below you. Situated within a large island volcano, you can see a lake of water in the center of it. Many dragons are lying on the ridges, and Lilth bugles to them as she soars gracefully downward.

After you've landed, Crysta calls over a young boy. "Show our guest around, and don't forget to mind your manners."

The boy turns to you, "I'm called Torpan, who would you like to me to take you? There are many dragons here! Of course, I can take you directly to Crysta's rooms if you like."

Gold Dragons
Rider Dragon
Nerine Azorynith
Bronze Dragons
Rider Dragon
A'ton Intefeth
Z'ran Crusath
D'lin Gallith
B'leren Divinth
Brown Dragons
Rider Dragon
M'ligan Feliorth
N'fall Kasenth
T'lek Sazath
Blue Dragons
Rider Dragon
L'rum Homaleth
E'dor Hysteth
K'stan Mirugath
Green Dragons
Rider Dragon
Crysta Lilth
Flayla Ystwyth
Ania Selanth
Nimori Leath
Neriss Fayth

Rare Dragons
Rider DragonColour
Lenori Cherrith Rainbow


Felior's Gold
Thefil's Brown
Miranda's Green