This is Firecracker. He will take you on a journey to the Plains of the Mystical Horses where you will meet many strange and wonderful creatures. If you have any questions, Firecracker will be able to answer them, for his magic is the ability to communicate telepathically with all creatures he encounters. Therefore he will be your guide, and interpreter.

The Unicorn Friendship Center

The plains stretch out for as far as you can see. You love the feeling of galloping through the tall grasses on the back of your gentle mount. Trees are far and few between but offer shade from the hot midday sun when you stop for a rest. Just when you thought the plains would go on forever empty, Firecracker enters you thoughts *They are here, but invisible. They do not wish to be seen by those who might harm them, nor can they be seen by those who do not believe. Do you see anything over there?*

"A little unicorn with butterfly wings," you reply in amazement. It flutters gently over to you and looks you carefully in the eye. Soon it seems satisfied and flits away. *She's the guardian of this realm. She has gone to tell the others that they can trust you, that you believe in them and will not hurt them. Where would you like me to take you now?*


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Created: May 1998
Last updated: September 2008

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