Here's my furry "brother" Mozart, otherwise known as Mo, Mobie Wan Kenobe, or Mojo (before we knew what it was from that Austin Powers movie!). Born the last day of February 1998, he believes I am his personal chew toy. An indoor cat, he's been declawed, which is probably a good thing since he seems to manage to get into enough trouble as it is. ::whew:: As you can see, you can find him in a bathtub or a bucket, just looking at you. Actually, the bathtub doesn't bother me, except when you're.......well you know, the bathtub is not the only thing in the bathroom.......and just as you sit down this little head pops up and seems to say "What are you doing?"

I have a couple of other pics still to scan so come back again soon!



[Mo Bow]

[Mom's Bed]

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