The Caves


So you decide to explore the other caves. A little ways down the passageway you see the entrance to the first cavern.

Once inside, you realize immediately you are not alone. A lovely burgandy dragoness shared the room with you. Your little follower runs up to her happily. When she notices the little one, she spreads her wings and reaches out to her. The wings were of golden feathers. You lose sight of your little one in the mass of feathers of the dragoness' tail, where she looked down and crooned gently.


Though you hadn't noticed her look up, she speaks to you, "Welcome. I am Holly Featherdragon." She smiles when you make note of her colour. "I hatched on Christmas Eve, which was of no surprise since I am from the Christmas clutch. I haven't seen this little whelp in quite a while. Looks like she's quite attached to you." Holly looks you over and smiles again. "If you are tired, you are welcome to stay here a while. Look, the whelp sleeps already!"

Sure enough, she spreads the feather's of her tail and you see the pink dragonet snoring gently, curled up in a little ball. Holly lays down so that you can make a comfortable nest from the feathers of her wings.

When you awoke, you found yourself alone with your little one purring by your ear. You get up feeling refreshed and saw that there were two exits. The first was the one you entered by, and the second went downwards.

Featherdragon Empire

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