A warm thank you to all of you who think my site is worthy of your awards.

I received this award from Draggin Mama

Unfortunately I lost the exact url, but you can find her Goldern Unicorn site from the link I've provided :)
July 2000

I was pleasantly surprised to find this award from Greywolf in my mailbox one day.

October 2000

Not having received an award in a while, I was floored when I received two awards, the same day, from two different people. First was one from Chantal

The second came from Mythological Mystics

A heartfelt thank you to both of you
December 2000

One day I was completely surprised by this award.
From the Realm of Unknown Fantasy
May 2001

Another surprise left me with this award on my virtual doorstep
Thank you Talindria of Avalon Mists.
June 2001

One day, I was wandering visiting other realms when I had the distinct impression that I wasn't alone anymore. Sudddenly, I found myself in the dreaded void called 404, and sinister chuckling could be heard. Well, I wasn't about to stand for that, so I did what had to be done. I helped SPark slay a typo demon!

Those things are hard to catch you know ;-) I'm constantly running around the Realm of Myth and Fantasy with a big broom, but they just seem to multiply when you're not looking O.o
November 2001