A warm thank you to all of you who think my site is worthy of your awards.

I received this award from Morganlafey

July 1999

This sweet little painting pony came from Starluck

July 1999

I was completely surprised when I got two awards in one day. The first was this one
From Wildhunt

July 1999

The second
From Ricca

July 1999

I was once again pleasantly surprised when I looked at my mail and found that Ali Platt had awarded me with:
August 1999

I received this award from Chairoth Weyr.

September 1999

I was surprised when I received this award for helping Dragonmaid find broken links on her adoption page.
Thank you!
September 1999

While searching for pumpkins (long story) I ran across this little cat named Lucy that looked like my Mozart :) Brat & cat
October 1999

I received this award from Enchanted Hollow
November 1999

My first award of 2000 came from Unicornbeauty
January 2000