These are awards I got after searches and other things.

I got this one after visiting: Dragon Isle

June 1998

I received this after finding the unicorn eggs at The Silver Unicorn

[I found a unicorn]
July 1998

I found these three while helping Jamie out of the Haunted Hotel at Geocities, Halloween 1998:
October 1998

I found this at the end of a maze at Geocities, Halloween 1998:
October 1998

I survived the Cave of the Beast, can you?
[Cave of the Beast]
April 1999

I came in 8th place for the draw a Flame Unicorn contest
[Flame Award]
November 1999

I made my way through the Nameless Forest
[Nameless Forest]
May 2000

I'm a dragon scholar. See if you can get all the answers too.
June 2000

I found my way around Draggin Mama's home and got a reward!
July 2000

Work you way through the castle and find the hidden dragons at The Dragon's Byte
[Dragon's Byte]

December 2000