A warm thank you to all of you who think my site is worthy of your awards.

My first award given to me by: The Last Unicorn
[The Unicorn Award]

May 1998

dragon weyr award

The Dragon Weyr Award has been graphically
enhanced by Richard Fink IV. Concept and design by Dragon Weyr

June 1998

These three came from: SPark's Multiple Personality Zone

June 1998

June 1998

June 1998

This one is from: SpiritWolf

June 1998

July 1998

This one surprised me from: Wren and Kerinath

July 1998

I got this award for a persona story I wrote to adopt a dragon from: Alicorn

September 1998
If you want to read it (or just visit Lenori and Cherrith) you can find them in their weyr.

The honour of the
was given to me by Beth

September 1998