The S'raar

The S'raar

V'iel (Water): Long and slim and very quick through the water. As they do not have legs, they are incapable of leaving their aquatic homes. Their breath is that of steam.

N'kong (Earth): Heavy set, very strong, but rather slow. Not exactly the quickest wit of the Elements but extremely dependable. They tend to be too heavy to swim. Their breath is that of stone (yes, they actually cough up rocks).

L'wa (Air): Almost wyvern like, with feathered wings but are legless. More common than earth and water dragons. These Elementals are very intelligent. Their breath is that of wind.

N'tcha(Youth): Cute little critters. Though they look like hatchlings they're acutally grown up, of course they still have their youthful exuberance and energy. They can breed, but prefer to breed with others of their element since they're so small, about the size of a cat. With the use of magic they can breed with other elements with the offspring often looking like a chibified version of that element. They have no breath power, but each have a special marking.

K'rarc (Fire): These dragons come in many forms, but all share common colourations. They prefer hot places to live, and are capable of passing through fire without being burnt, but lose their powers when immersed in water. Their breath is that of flame.

A'salo(Time)One of the few S'raar races which can be visibly divided into subraces, each having distinctive properties, while all having basic similarities. Similar to the L'wa, in that they are thin, slim and long, using this form to travel time.

A'salo(Time)The basic A'salo S'raar is similar to the L'wa but have draconic wings and a heavy head with horns. Their colour has no limitations but are generally monochrome. They have no limbs other than their wings. Their breath opens a portal to travel time.

F'liss (Night - A'salo subrace): Largest of the A'salo. They have strange dark colorations which are representative of the galaxies, novas, moon and stars of the night. They are all male. They are the opposite of Day and so their wings and spines are the colour of a J'alee dragon. They have all four limbs, including wings. Their breath is that of dreams.

J'alee (Day - A'salo subrace): Largest of the A'salo. They have strange light colorations which are representative of the light, rainbows, brightness and life of the day. They are all female. They are the opposite of Night and so their wings and spines are the colour of a F'liss dragon. They have all four limbs, including wings. Their breath is that of daydreams.

Y'thar (Destiny - A'salo subrace): The second rarest of the A'asalo, they have long feathered wings, a very pointed snout and soft growths from the tail. They are generally "bald", with little adornment on the head. They have two forelimbs, which are extradinarily thin due to the fact that they are rarely used. Their breath is that of fate.

P'raar (Millenium - A'salo subrace): Only one of these dragons are born on the Eve of a new Millenium. They have no breath power, but can flow through time as a mist, slipping by unseen, but seeing all. It is perhaps because of their rarity that their element name is so similar to that of the species. (there is only one)

R'nee (Wisdom): These dragons are rare. The appear as oriental dragons, long and lithe. They always carry with them the orb which they find on their "wisdom quest" which they all go through during adolescence. No one knows what would happen if they do not find one. Another quirk of this species is that they have no scales on their legs, just a soft skin. They have no breath power. - NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR A WHILE

Y'fael-K'vree(Planet Eaters): Extremely large Celestial dragons existing in the void of space, called Planet Eaters or Star Creators by the other S'raar. Basically a subspecies (superspecies?) they do not exist as other dragons, consisting mostly of energy given form. As for their view on other lifeforms, we're less than ants, not only being limited by our corporealness but having insignificant intellectual capabilities. Their breath power permits them to bring about the birth of stars. - NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR A WHILE

M'risi (Geometrics):Very unusual and are *extremely* rare and valuable. They are very geometric in form and plain in colour. They can pass either their form or their colour characteristics to their offspring but very rarely both so a pure geometric is very rare as mentioned before. They are generally based on one of the other elements and their breath is related to that of their base element.

Other Notes: They are capable of both telepathic and verbal speech as well as their own draconic languages of hisses/squeaks/growls/snorts/roars. Being a dragon myself, I speak their language though their dialect is a bit unfamiliar and my accent makes them laugh. Words are spelt pretty much the way they sound. *You* try and translate a grunt into text.

There are mutations, just as a R'nee with breath powers, or a L'wa with legs, but these are not very common.

There are other elements, but they are quite rare, and will only be listed as they are found..


Last Updated : August 2002