If you do not own a pair, or don't have time to ask permission from another S'raar's fosterer, check the parent's list. Those who were gracious enough to allow free breeding of their S'raar will be indicated. You do not need permission from them beforehand, it is already given ^.^ Otherwise be sure you ask first, because if it turns out you did not, your S'raar will be abandonned.

A few basic rules and tips:

The parents MUST be posted on a page before you apply, but they don't have to both belong to you. The S'raar are fairly relaxed when it comes to choosing mates. They are not particularly faithful, though on rare occasions there have been pairs that have found such a bond that they've become inseperable.

All S'raar are interbreedable with the only restriction so far being that fire and water just don't mix! They are bitter rivals and are best not kept close together in general. It requires magic encouragement to breed a youth, due to their difference in size, but there's never been any significant problems. Celestials do not breed at all, but there is a way to incorporate their energy into another celestial which could be viewed as a kind of breeding, the energy joined can involve any number of celestials, even only one. It may even be possible that the energy of a celestial can be joined with that of another S'raar.

Dragonets might inherit an element from only one parent, get a mix of both or become something completely new. Mutations can be inherited but only with a 25% chance if the mutation is found in only one parent, 50% if found in both.

Also, as an added surprise, I've discovered that those of the "lesser" elements have a greater chance of having two or three offspring at one time!


NOTE: I only need the urls if the ones here are either not correct or missing. You can also find ID's at this link.

Fill out whatever is applicable in this form and send it to

  • The name and email of the person to receive the offspring:
  • Name of male:
  • ID of male:
  • Url of male:
  • Name of female:
  • ID of female:
  • Url of female:
  • Any particular features from the parents you want passed on? No guarantees.


Last Updated : August 2002