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Links, links and more links. I'm always stunned at the number of agencies out there. Just email me atadoptions@myth-and-fantasy.com if you find a broken link or know of one I'm missing. Just so you know......I'm notoriously slow at updating so the changes might take a while to appear.

Adopt a Burackion

Adopt A Cyber Mascot

Blackwater Forest

Caitlin's 98 Halloween Party

Dancing into the Dragon's Den

The Dark Forest


Dwelling Within

Elysian Woods

EverGreen Plains

The EverRealm

Fire Realm Adoptions


Giga Adopts

Isle Of the Drack'Tuse

Jenny's Graphics

Katisyr Station

Lady Hipoo

Lizzy's Page

Minnie's Creations

Mystical Eggs

Nameless Forest

Nightstorm Stables

Mini Býrauds

Moonlight Adoptions

Mutation Rainforest

Nicholas' Hearts

Okichi Orphanage

The River

Shelley's Pet Store

The Silver Unicorn

Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs

The Tufta

TwyDi Ink

Wanquet Depths

Waterfall Valley

Woobie World

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