Fairies, mermaids and more oh my!

Links, links and more links. I'm always stunned at the number of agencies out there. Just email me at adoptions@myth-and-fantasy.com if you find a broken link or know of one I'm missing. Just so you know......I'm notoriously slow at updating so the changes might take a while to appear.

Adopt-a-Ghost !

Amanda's Castle

Angel's Chimera Dreams

Caitlin's 98 Halloween Party

Chibi Ningyo's Adoption Center

Dwelling Within

Elysian Woods

Kasey's Kastle Adoption

Lady Hipoo

Minnie's Creations

Mystical Eggs

The Net-Banshee's Realm 1

PsycoKitten's Lair

Sheppy's Cyber Doobles

The Silver Unicorn

Starluck's Sweetwater Nymphs

TwyDi Ink

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Icons and background by Dee Dreslough