Canines and Felines

Links, links and more links. I'm always stunned at the number of agencies out there. Just email me at if you find a broken link or know of one I'm missing. Just so you know......I'm notoriously slow at updating so the changes might take a while to appear.

Adopt A Cyber Mascot

The Animal Shelter

Blackwater Forest

Caitlin's 98 Halloween Party

Cerbi Lair


Dancing into the Dragon's Den

Eero Cats

Egyptan Adoption Center

The EverRealm


The Griffin Aviary

Ioway Kennels

Jenny's Graphics

Katisyr Station

Katydid Kennels

Lizzy's Page

Mystical Eggs

Nameless Forest


PsycoKitten's Lair

Shelley's Pet Store

The Silver Unicorn

TwyDi Ink

Typatha Mount

Uwahra Pev Luez'Meia

Woobie World

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